Welcome to Galloway Small Arms Club

We are a friendly home office approved rifle and muzzle loading pistol club based near Crocketford in Dumfries and Galloway. The club is owned and run by its membership in order to promote and enjoy all forms of target shooting.

The club has its own 6 lane 25m and 4 lane 50 yard outdoor ranges. Both have covered firing points and are suitable for small bore rifle, LBR & LBP; pistol calibre centerfire rifle & LBR; muzzle loading pistol, revolver & rifle and practical/target shotgun. We also have 3 dedicated shotgun bays for practical shotgun plates and targets.

We also shoot once a month on a separate 100 yard benchrest range (smallbore and centrefire rifle) and once a month on a 1000 yard benchrest centrefire rifle range.

The range is open every Sunday throughout the year, a Tuesday evening (50 yard) and Thursday evening (25m) during the summer months whilst the 50 yard range is open all day throughout the year on a Friday. The range can also be used on any occasion when two full members (one of whom must be a qualified club range officer) are present or if a member has single person usage.

If you require more information please e-mail us or see our Facebook page.